Everything you need to know about ZERO.


What is ZERO?

ZERO® is a revolutionary mobile platform designed to help companies and governmental entities, large and small, optimize safety behaviors and ultimately safety performance. The platform allows employees to communicate instantly with one another in order to identify and address safety issues before they become a problem. It also enables a company to develop a community of like-minded partners with whom it may share safety information, creating a powerful network of safety-focused companies that can pool information to improve their safety practices. Smaller companies can attain the safety status of the largest companies at a fraction of the cost, and larger companies can more effectively and efficiently establish, improve, and sustain a strong safety culture greatly impacting insurance claims and company culture.

How is ZERO different than other safety systems?

Current safety culture is good, but it can be better. Seminars, safety meetings, and best practices have an impact on educating employees to an extent, but they can’t alert to specific hazards within your own walls in real-time. Our system takes a modern approach to accessing more and more data and respecting lapses in all of our ability to focus on the task at hand. Using a smartphone, having an intelligent system that has access to even more data allows for every individual in your organization to acquire the most up to date and specific safety information. 

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How much does ZERO cost?

ZERO® costs $10 per user per month. This amounts to roughly 50 cents per employee per business day. We provide installation support and ongoing technical support to assist in rolling out ZERO across your employee base.

How do I implement ZERO in my company?

Our support team can help new Members roll out ZERO® to their workforce in the best way possible. 

ZERO® is available on the web, iOS, and Android.

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Who is the owner and developer of ZERO?

Salus Systems, LLC ("Salus") is the owner and developer of ZERO®. Salus is a joint venture between Charter Partners Community, LLC and Everest Reinsurance Holdings, Inc. Todd Welch and Glen Welch are leading the Salus team. Previously, Todd and Glen had been helping businesses purchase insurance collaboratively for over 20 years as co-founders of Charter Partners. During that time, they saw first-hand the long-lasting impacts of a behavior change to a stronger focus on safety and risk management. With the release of ZERO®, Todd, Glen, and the entire Salus team are focused on empowering employees inside every organization in order to elevate safety behaviors and safety performance to a new level.

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What other features are coming?

We have lots of new features planned for the road ahead! We will provide more details on these new features in the coming weeks. 

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If you have questions we didn't answer, we'd be happy to answer them.