Release Notes—June 2017

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”  — George Bernard Shaw, playwright

When it comes to safety, every organization has its unwritten rules about what is ok to share and how to do it. Rarely can you find an employee training manual that explicitly states the tonality and ideal information delivery format for sharing a safety issue. Most times, suggestions on safety (especially between line workers) come out as terse, tense dictates like the example below:

One could see how this analogy could translate to a lockout, tag out or personal protective equipment scenario. Would it not be easier to suggest: if you are having trouble, why don’t we work together to find the keys? Unfortunately, for most employees, safety equals compliance, and compliance equals commands.

We built ZERO differently. We want to make it easy for team members to share information about safety, and do so in an environment where they are offered helpful suggestions. Over the last few months, we've been working on three new capabilities for ZERO in the spirit of making communication easier, and we are proud to share them in this release month's release. These capabilities include:

1. Post on a floor plan - Users now can choose a location on a floor plan to post a suggestion or area of improvement. Admin can upload floor plans of their buildings, construction sites or plot plans. Then the floor plans will be accessible for team members to use for posting information.

2. Post by tablet / kiosk - In situations where it is not possible to use a personal mobile device, it can be a challenge to recognize and share safety information. As a result, we have created the capability to post via a stationary tablet in kiosk mode. Users simply login by name and can make a post on a tablet that can be shared among multiple workers.


3. Engagement analytics - Instantly see how your organization is using ZERO. Admin can track active users, posts by type, and weekly metrics. Following the trends makes it easier to measure engagement the know how the team is doing.

That's all for now. Look out for our next release notes at the end of July.

- The Product Team