Welcoming John Grossenbacher


March 1, 2017 — Easton, PA

Vice Admiral John Grossenbacher (Ret.) joins the Member Support team at Salus Systems, LLC.

Salus Systems, the owner and developer of the ZERO® mobile-based safety software system, is pleased to announce and welcome John Grossenbacher to the team as Chief Safety Officer. John will lead the company’s implementation, engagement, and coaching efforts.

"I am committed and excited about joining the Salus team,” said John. “I believe that ZERO® has the ability to empower each employee with real-time participation in the company's safety program, thereby bringing the company's performance to a new level in reducing worker injuries and fatalities."

John comes to the Salus team with a wealth of safety related experience gained from his tenure as Commander in the United States Navy's Nuclear Submarine program and time as Director of the Idaho National Laboratory, (INL). At Salus, he will apply this experience continuing to in develop our Member Implementation, Coaching and Engagement system procedures for our ZERO® mobile-based risk management system.

Glen Welch, co-head of Salus Systems, LLC, said, "John's experience in the Navy's Nuclear Submarine program and his work at the INL gives our company the type of knowledge base to continue the development of our safety product offering and enhance our Member's engagement in a sustainable safety culture."

Salus Systems, LLC believes that ZERO® is enabling a revolution in safety behaviors and performance through employee empowerment and engagement. We want to make every employee a safety leader.


Contact:  Adam Welch

Email: adam@teamzero.com

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